Unwanted Sectioncutedges Layer DWG 2019 export

How do I stop it from creating the Sectioncutedges layer? I just want it to be layer 0.

Uncheck the default “Separate on a layer” box in your Export Options.

This is my export settings. But I still get sectioncutedges and profileedges layers

I don’t use a Mac so I can only ask if you have installed SketchUp correctly? (and is it the 19.1… version?)

Yes its 19.1.173. It didn’t do this in older versions. For now I just made a quick lisp routine that changes all layers to 0 and purge-saves-then closes.

(defun c:zer()(c:zx)(COMMAND “change” “all” “” “p” “la” “0” “”)(c:pas)(COMMAND “close”)(princ)) I hope there is a setting I am missing somewhere. It may be do to the the solid section thing which I love? I would rather use my work around than turn it off