Use different views, exporting in vector and use sketchup layers, to modify it style in layout

Before I start, I have to say that I have been using Sketchup to do school projects (in a architecture university, as student) three years now. And im very fascinated how powerful the program is. I love it.

Now a few questions.

Views: is it possible to work with two different views at the same time. So that you can work on a 3D view at the same time you see it in a 2D section cut. Or that you can change things on that 2D section cut and at the same time see it in 3D. I mean at the same time, without having to change through different scenes.

Exporting in vector: When I export directly from sketchup a 2D view in pdf so in vector now. It disappear all colors with transparence, and all textures. Is it possible to export a 2D view, from sketchup in where the lines are vector and the texture don’t disappear and stay as image? (Something like the hybrid option in layout). Maybe you are asking yourself why I don’t do it in layout then, but that hybrid option I think that do not work very well, because it don’t fill the faces very well, if you look at the edges. But maybe there is an option improve that…?

Another question about exporting in 2d …
Can I somehow export by selecting a specific square or dimension? Like for example entering the exact coordinates of a position that I want to export… (I know I can do it from layout, but i’m wondering if it is possible to do it direct from sketchup.

Use sketchup layers, to modify it style in layout: many times I have to work in 2D, and I need to have different line styles, like dashed, or just a dicker line, what I do is set those lines in different layers on sketchup, then in layout I redraw this lines set the style I want, and then I hide the layers on sketchup and update the model reference on layout. Maybe easier would be to explode the model in layout and directly select those lines, but then I can’t update this model anymore. I was wondering if I can say to layout that I want this layer to have this thickness and the other layer to be dashed for example. Is it possible?

If you do not understand what I write, then I’m sorry for my english. As you see is not the best (I’m spanish).

Thanks in advance.

I withdrew the previous post because my annotation got completely mangled. So, herewith trying again:

Most of what you request is not currently possible, though it might make reasonable Feature Requests.

No, SketchUp does not support split views or simultaneous views.

Some things, such as shadows, images, and textures, can’t be represented in vector format. At this time, SketchUp does not offer any hybrid export option for 2D PDF.

A 2D Graphic export from SketchUp is an image of the current contents of the view. There is currently no support to export some other image area, as for example the contents of a dragbox on the view.

I’ll defer to the Layout experts for an answer to your final question.

And, your English is just fine.

That was fast. Thank you very much for answering. I will keep waiting for the last question.

To your question regarding LayOut, you can set a different line weight for certain lines. This is done in the SketchUp inspector window. You cannot set the line style to dashed however. Your method of tracing the lines in LayOut is a good work around. One thing you could do that would save some time is to create a separate layer for those lines you’ll trace and a layer above that one for the dashed or other lines you’ll draw. Once you’ve traced the lines, turn off the layer visibility in LO for the SketchUp lines. That eliminates the need to wait for all the viewports to render again. If you need to make changes in SketchUp that affect those lines, you can turn the layer on again temporarily in LO to guide your changes on the dashed lines layer.

Another way is to make two SketchUp views, one with the lines that should be regular and the other with the lines that should be dashed, using the Wireframe style. Then, in LayOut, put the two views on top of each other, use Vector rendering. Make a copy of the “dashed” view for future reference, and then explode it - result is a group with a linetype that you can now change. The downside is that you will have to redo this every time your model changes.


Thank you, right, that’s a good idea, so I haven’t to redraw it my self.

What do you mean with inspector window? Is it the name for the small windows that can be opened from the window menu? Are you speaking from layout or from sketchup, And how exactly can you change the weight from certain lines? I tried a minute a go, but don´t really find how to do it… Do you mean the sketchup model window from layout? But I think it changes the lines from the entire model…

I don’t know who you are addressing your questions to but…

I was referring to LayOut. The inspector windows are the ones in the tray that are normally found on the right side of the screen. To change the line weight for edges in a viewport, you’ll need to select the viewport and go to the Styles tab. Towards the bottom right there’s a setting for Line Weight. This is a multiplier for the line weight factor from Sketchup. You cannot adjust the line weight for individual lines, however. For that you must explode the viewport and probably ungroup the lines. Then you adjust the line weight for selected lines in Shape Style. If you use the Line Weight setting in the SketchUp inspector, you will impact all the lines for that viewport.

Sorry, yes, the question was for you DaveR.

Okey, now I understand you. Before I was misunderstanding you, when you says:
“you can set a different line weight for certain lines”,
I did understand that you could do it for certain lines like the ones in the same layer as I asked.

Again thank you for answering, I Appreciate it a lot.

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