Help Needed: Failed to Open Document

Hi, I saved my project internally and as soon as it’s done my PC crashed (BSOD), and now both .skp and.skb files show “failed to open document” when I try to open it (surprisingly the other less important file which was unsaved appeared in the auto recovery, but this one did not) My autosave is on but the folder doesn’t have my file, only some random file from before.

Can someone help to fix my project? Or maybe even restoring it to earlier saves I don’t even mind at this point, please advise thanks.

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The .skp file is nearly all zeroes and the .skb file is more than half zeroes. Nothing to fix unfortunately.

Where were you saving the file as you were working on it? A cloud location or maybe an external drive?

Going forward, make sure you are saving to a folder on an internal drive and also periodically publish your model to your Trimble Connect storage to create additional backups. Every time you publish to Trimble Connect and incremental backup is created which allows you to go back to an earlier stage of the model if needed.

I was saving it to my laptop’s internal D drive. I see…that’s unfortunate, thanks for the advice though

Usually when we see those badly corrupted files it was due to being saved outside of the computer. Did you figure out what caused the BSOD?

Unfortunately no, it’s been happening pretty frequently lately. But my files were fine because it were unsaved and they appear on auto-recovery when SketchUp is opened. That’s why I started saving frequently but this time it crashed after I just saved not long ago and it didn’t auto-recovered anymore sadly. I’m not too sure as well, will try to upload on Trimble as backup in the future