Help! My exam project got corrupted and i can't recover it

A friend of mine’s file does not seem to open, and it bugsplats upon oppening directly too.
Please help

Hi @avdven113 I don’t have access to the diagnostic tools like some of our other users and employees but I am happy to take a look as soon as I get a chance. While I get the file loaded up and get 2023 up and running on my laptop (I am currently using 2024), can you find out what exactly they were doing when the file got corrupted?

A large part at the end of the file is full of zeros. Sorry, it is not recoverable. This sometimes happens when you save a SketchUp file to the cloud, a network server, or an external drive. Do you have a corresponding skb file?

Please correct your forum profile, the info is relevant to helping you. It says:

SketchUp for Schools is a web-based version for school children. Because is live online, there is no 2023 version of it. So what are you actually using? Dell Optiplex 3000 is a hardware model, not an operating system. It is a Windows computer, but which version of Windows? And your description of your graphics card is nonsense!

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H @avdven113. I gave your file a look and unfortunately slbaumgartner is correct that it is not recoverable. I am sorry for your friend but they will have to either revert to a backup version of their file or start over from scratch. Hopefully they were careful as they were creating their work and remembered to make a backup at some point.

If they are using the Pro version my first suggestion would be the .skb of their file. If they are using a web version they may be able to get a backup version going from the older versions of their file that are saved automatically.

Additionally, while your attempt to get help for your friend is a noble one, you do need to update your profile to be a little more accurate. We do our best with the info we have so having the right info helps us to assist you faster and more effectively.

My apologies, this is the first time posting here and we do use SketchUp for our college course. So i thought sketchup school was an appropiate version.

My friend was using SketchUp 2023, and the file was saved onto a network server. The file given was an skp file as there wasn’t a corresponding skb file to be found on the network server

Thanks a lot though, i’ll relay it back to my friend.

Ah, that would explain the issue. It is best practice to save to an internal storage drive like a traditional hard drive, solid state drive or M.2 drive and then move the file to the final destination.This will not only allow for a backup to be created automatically (the .skb file) but will also decrease the chance of corruption significantly.

In most corporate environments saving project files locally is strictly prohibited. Why are SketchUp files especially vulnerable? Size alone cannot be the reason. Have been saving huge CAD and BIM to mapped network drives on company servers for decades without problems.

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I am no programmer so take what I say with a grain of salt, but it is my understanding that it has something to do with the way the network or cloud server handles the distribution of the data itself across the storage device(s) in use at the time. I wish I had a better understanding of the issue (or better ye, know a way to fix it) but again, I am not a programmer and don’t have a complete understanding of what is happening.

If you are not allowed to save a project locally, even temporarily, I am not sure what the ideal solution is but I am happy to ask around next time I am at the office. Maybe I can track down a programmer while I am at it and get a more comprehensive answer as to why the issue happens too.

That seems dubious, as the problem has also been seen on external drives. Clearly it is very sensitive to specific situations, as it doesn’t happen at all for some people.

That would be greatly appreciated, as so far queries from us outsiders have never gotten a clear answer. That leads to the impression that the devs really don’t have a clue why this happens to SketchUp when it doesn’t happen to other apps (or perhaps know but have no idea how to fix it). Nobody benefits from the lack of trust that this silence creates!

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I just got up to get some water and ran into someone who is a programmer and while they are not an expert on how SketchUp creates or saves files they were able to point me in the right direction. I’ll keep digging to see what I can find for you slbaumgartner.

They have a few different guesses but until I can get more reliable info on what is actually happening with network drives I’ll refrain from posting it. Hopefully I can get a solid answer soon and if not I’ll still share what I turned up although it may be incomplete.

As for external drives, I am pretty sure that is being tracked as a different issue so I’ll start tracking down the person looking into that too.

I have located the right person to talk to about the network drive issue and am drafting an email now. They are in a meeting for the next hour so it might be a little while before they see my email and draft a reply. I will follow up with another update as soon as I have more info to share.

Update 2:
I spoke with the developer I mentioned and they said that they were unable to re-produce the issue with our hardware and settings. They have agreed that there is definitely a bug due to the volume of users reporting issues, but without a reliable way to trigger it, our ability to figure out the exact cause is limited. If anyone in the thread is able to reliably trigger the issue please get in touch with me and let me know the steps you took to cause it and your hardware configuration so we can get closer to figuring this out.

As it stands, I have their attention and they may have some time to spend on this if we can reproduce the issue in a semi reliable way.