Help: mu File - this does not appear to be a sketchup model

hey, sharing a link is not enough, you also need to give access to everyone, otherwise we’re locked out :slight_smile:

sorry, i forgot to give access

That file is 100% filled with zeros. Do you have the SKB back file?

the SKB file cannot open too, there a problem “file not found”

Where were you saving the file as you were working on it?

What version of SkethUp are you actually using? Your profile says “Free Plan” which implies the web based version. If that’s what you are using there wouldn’t be a .skb version.

actualy im using the non web version, Sketch up 2023 pro

Please correct your forum profile. There is no free SketchUp 2023 Pro.

And where were you saving the .skp file as you were working on it?

okay i will change it, i save my file in my local folder laptop hardisk

Open File Explorer and go the following under your username. AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles. Is there a .skp file related to this model there? AppData is normally a hidden direcory so you’ll need to make it visible.

i already find that file, but the date from that file was old version date. the file dint the newest update

the warning from SKB file to SKP file was “failed to open document”

Well it might be more useful than the .skp file you shared that is full of zeroes. At least you wouldn’t have to start completely over if it will open.

That is a different message than you were getting with the .skp file. Share the .skb file so we can take a look. Maybe there’s something recoverable there.

Maybe @colin will be able to open it but he’s not supposed to be working this week. He may check in, though. In the meantime you might try opening the version from RecoveredFiles and start rebuilding it. No point sitting on your hands while you wait.

Often when we see files that are completely filled with zeros, the previous backup file had already started to go wrong. That’s the ace for you, and 10% of the SKB is zeros. I can’t recover anything useful from it.