Help me choose a template for creating models and flat design

I have a problem. I want to create an apartment interior in SU Pro 17. I want to create all models of furniture: refrigerator, kitchen, cabinets, tables and chairs, sinks, toilets and others. I understand that for different purposes you need to choose different templates.
Which template to choose for creating individual models with details?
What template to choose to create an interior and fill it with models?
Or can I do all this in one template?
Where can I find a more detailed description of the templates?

Did you choose allready?

Yes you can.
The templates are all adjustable after you started, there are some with a scale figure in it and the template for 3D printing is a bit bloated with an Dynamic Component, but thes can be removed and purged.

More important than choosing the right template is that you learn how to change the different settings ( this can be done in the Window->Model Info) and learn how to set the different views and camera settings, and to navigate in your model.