More than one SketchUp "workspace"?

Hello all,

Is it possible to create a template that would have a different menu bar layout and icon configuration from the current one, so I can have more than one workspace in SU and switch with a click between them as needed? Are there apps that would facilitate this?

I mostly do architectural work, but I am starting to do more 3D modelling of machine parts, etc. I find that I don’t have that many buttons and extensions within my toolbars that are common to the two types of design and I think the workspace option would optimize my current workflow (such as it did when I used to use AutoCad). It would be nice to change the workspace at the click of a button as I work on both design types multiple times, back and forth, during the day (the nature of multiple concurrent projects.)

For now, I guess I could use SU21 for one type, and keep using SU20 for the other…


SketchUp templates don’t have anything to do with toolbar arrangements. You can have multiple SketchUp sessions open at the same time but they would all have the same toolbar arrangement.

You can create different templates for different units if you want. Or as you suggest, you could have a session of SU2020 open and a different one of SU2021.

Thanks for the prompt reply!!

Sorry, I don’t follow your meaning ghere:


A SketchUp template is just a SketchUp model that is typically empty space. Any of the properties in Model Info can be set for your template. You might use Architectural units for your Architectural models but that’s not appropriate for machine parts so you might create a template with decimal inches or mm for the units. You can then choose the template that is appropriate for the type of modeling you’re doing.

Yes, that’s what I currently have, but I find myself going everytime into the toolbars menu to switch between multiple toolbar layouts/configurations.

Thanks again.

I’ve been asking for this for ages. The main reason is switching between two displays while at my desk, and one display when I take my laptop on the road. You can in a way. The screen layout gets stored in JSON files, one called PrivatePreferneces.json and SharedPreferences.json (at least on a Mac). You can copy and save them in a safe place and then swap them around, but it’s a royal pain, and just the sort of thing a computer could easily do well. Keep asking.

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I’m not a coder, but I wonder if this is something that could be implemented by a third party as an extension…I would pay for it if it was priced fairly.


This topic should be moved to the Feature Request category …

… and there is already several discussions about this there …


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I weighed in on this in your linked topic in the developer category.

Thank you!

The Sketchucation tool has what are known as Sets. These are sets of extensions/plugins that you can turn on or off as a group. So you can have a Set for architectural work and another for Machine parts etc etc

asking for one interested but perplexed SU user, does this mean that you actually can, “in a way” have different tool bars as j.rivas is asking for ? With a bit of DIY ? Does each “switch” involve a mac restart ?

You don’t have to restart the Mac, but you do have to relaunch SketchUp.

I’m currently experimenting with ChronoSync to handle the task better than doing it manually.