Need Home Furniture template for 2D drawing

I’m trying to find a home furniture template for 2D drawing. Or 2D Home furniture components to download. Is there an extension or plugin? Some other source?

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I think the most logical approach (since you’re posting to this forum) would be to perform`a search on 3dwh for residential furniture.

This search will yield thousands of results. You can further cull this down and export those furniture pieces that you find most useful into a 2d CADD file format. This is not a very lengthy process and you can add to your “template” items and use them indefinitely.

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Read about creating your own template and …

  • start with a template that comes close(st) to what you need.
  • alter settings the way you like them to be
    (- add geometry to always start with in next SketchUp sessions or leave the model space empty)
  • in ‘File’ menu use ‘Save as template …’ to save your model as a template. Be sure to also have it set as the default template (but you can still do that later).

From within SketchUp try downloading model(s) using the keywords “2D furniture”.

Thanks so much, I had been trying that for some time but changed my wording and finally found what I needed.

I’ve made each furniture template a group. Am I correct in thinking that I can use the groups in totally separate models? How do I pull the groups up. The components I understand but having issue with groups and how to get to groups for other models.

Intending to use an object in other, separate models is one of the reasons you would choose to make the object a component. You can right-click a group and Make Component, whereupon you can access it through the Components browser, or right-click > Save As…thereby allowing you to save the object as a .skp file, which you could simply import into other models (although the Component browser is clearly a more elegant way to bring them in).

I’m really not sure why you wouldn’t make these objects components in the first place since you clearly intend for them to be used in multiple places.


Thank you so much!!! Got it! I was just unfamiliar with groups and I think I had the roles reversed for components and groups. I was making it much harder than it needed to be. Now I can fly, thanks again!

Glad that helps. There are still some techniques to master in order to make effective use of components and the Components browser (so you should review the Knowledge Base articles). For example, notice the black and white button in the upper righthand corner of the browser (with a down arrow and plus sign icon). This allows you to split the browser window into two panes. You can load the In-Model collection in one and some target collection on disk in the other so that you need only drag and drop to place a copy in the on-disk collection. Open that collection in a new model and the components you saved to the other collection will be accessible.