Furniture Plan in SketchUp Layout

I am trying to do a simple furniture layout in Sketch Up by importing the floor plan as a dwg file from the architect them using 2d components on top of it for the furniture. When I printed as a PDF, the 3d text was blurry. I think I can achieve a clearer text in Layout by importing the same dwg file. I cannot figure out how to import furniture components into Layout. Are there existing furniture components or do I need to make my own?

If you want to do this in LayOut, you’ll probably need to draw your own furniture schematics. You could draw them in SketchUp and insert them into LO as viewports or you could draw them in LO and make groups to move around. You could sit down and draw the schematics of the furniture in LO and create a scrapbook to use for future projects.

You could import the image from the PDF into SketchUp and use the Large Image Splitter to split it into small but sharper image tiles. I would make sure the size of the image is correct to scale before splitting it.

Better would be to get a DXF or DWG file from the architect and import that into SketchUp. Or, if the lines in the PDF are vector linework, you could open the PDF in Inkscape, save out a DXF file and import that into SketchUp.

Thank you! I didn’t think about importing my dwg furniture files from CAD but that would be great.

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