Home Interior Design by beginner

Hi’ I’m very new to sketchup and I’m designing my apartment’s interior on my own.
In order for me to render my designs, do I need to draw each section of the house in a different file to render or can I design the whole house based on the floor plan of the whole house?

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It’s up to you, but it’s probably enough to model in a single file.

Thanks Mihai.
Any best practices that the community could share with me?
I’ve drawn for the whole unit based on the layout plan but I’m having difficulty making scenes or taking pictures of specific areas as the inner walls are blocking.

You can use section cuts to hide parts of the model that block a camera position. You can also change the camera field of view as people do with real life cameras to get interior views. These things can be saved with the scene.

There are interior design / SketchUp tutorials on line if you look around. I think there may be some featured on the Trimble website as well.