Self educated

Hi everyone!
a few days ago I started to learn SketchUp with some internet tutorials (some of them cost money).
I think I got something like 15 hours of videos and practicing, but I don’t want to go any further without practicing what I already learned.
therefore I would like your advice about what kind of practice I should do at the beginning.

what should I try to model first? a room? a house? should I work on 2d?

reminding you that I use SketchUp for interior design use.

any advice will help me

Thank you very much!

Since you’ll need to make accurate models to make sure everything fits correctly, I guess I’d do something like modeling your room. You can work on making accurate dimensions of the space with details such as doors and windows. Get a tape measure you you can make detailed measurements and use those in your model. Then work on fleshing out the space with furniture and other things. Don’t bother with adding materials until you have the geometry down.

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thanks! i will do it.
and when i finish, any recommendations for a second project?

Do another room in your home. Modeling things you can easily measure makes it easier to know if you’re doing things right.

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I did that same thing when I started using SU, but I didn’t pay much attention to groups and components, my first house was really bad. Groups and components are very important and useful.

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Try posting your room model here with some screenshots when you’re done…or as it progresses. That way if there’s any specific tips to provide we can do so.

Best way to learn, beyond just jumping in and trying things is to ask specific questions. Keep track of things that are giving you trouble or if you see something on a video/tutorial and don’t know how they did it, again, you can ask here and someone will kindly explain.