Help making interior render look more "realistic"


I’m rendering the inside of an elevator using Vray and need some help making the render resemble a real life image of the same elevator.

As you can see in the render attatched (low quality draft), The lighting on the metal reflecting the same as it does in real life (image attatched). In the real photo the light reflects in a cone shape but in my render its similar to a mirror relection. Any advice on how to achieve the “cone effect reflection” in my render would be appricaited.

Draft Render:

Real Photo:

Maybe the cone shape is due to a fine brushed finish?

I believe it could be that. Do you have any advice on how I could add that to brushed finished to my wall textures? (and have the cone shape visible)

Many thanks,

Not sure this will give you what you want, but saw a video that I think was skill builder to create a mirror reflection where the room model was flipped reverse and butted up against the wall with the mirror and a hole was cut at the point of the mirror, so when you looked at the wall the Area of the showed through to the other flip room thus the mirror would like the proper reflection.
Maybe you could flip your reflected ceiling image to both side wall and back wall, then give the walls a level of transparency that the flipped ceiling lights would Show through and look like reduced brightness reflections.

I didn’t notice this was the V-ray section. I don’t know how to get that in V-ray. Maybe there is a brushed stainless steel texture you can download. Here is an example in Thea using a texture that’s already made. Not really the same as the photo but not a mirror reflection

Would this brushed mat help?

It’s the anisotropic properties of the metal finish.
You are unlikely to achieve the effect you desire with maps but you can set the anisotropic properties of the material in vray asset editor (amount, rotation angle etc