Vray Rendering problem


I’m new to Sketchup and Vray and somehow I can’t get the rendering of metals and gold to work properly… What am I doing wrong???
I used the material from the Vray library and applied to different surfaces to test it out but it doesn’t work.


it will look different if you add a proper lighting and environment

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Thanks! A bit better in a room with a few lights indeed.

The thing about reflective surfaces is that they must have something to reflect.

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You might find it useful to study some photographs of the sorts of things you want to model. Look at how they are affected by their environment and the way they are lit. Give your model an environment to be in and some lights to reflect. As an example, for these little jacks I created a seamless background to keep light in but there’s no background behind the camera and no sky color, only black which you can see in the face on the hex head of the screw on the right as well as other places. Also there’s only one light source but the background is keeping the light in.


Thank you all for your replies! It makes sense.

Hi @AlexCortona,

Might be worth also going through the Chaos Group tutorials. Like this one, for instance, is very informative and should get you started off on the right foot when it comes to rendering interior spaces.