Help: just updated SketchUp and it keeps crashing..same for Trimble connect...anyone experiencing the same?

I can open my file, but as soon as I try to open Vray, sU doen’t respond.
I update SU today…mmmmm
Also my Trimble is not synnching, and I cannot use it on my mobile…

Any idea what is happening?

What version did you have (2020?) and to what version did you upgrade?
V-Ray Next (4) will not work with SketchUp 2021, you need V-Ray 5 for that.

Do you mean a model or project? Or the software?

I have all 2021.I just downloaded Vray,I guess it is the latest version.
i don’t get why i cannot open my project on Trimble Connect>> therefore neither on VR.

Trimble: I cxan open the project folder, not the file.

HI MikeWayzovski!
I opened trimble, created a new folder, uploaded my model made with Sketchup 2021, as .skp.
Well, when I try open the file in trimble (mobile or desktop) I get a message “fail to load file” do you know what tha means?

I there something other than updating software, saving files prior to upload to Trimble, I should know about? I downlaoded all Trimble apps…ps Working on a Windows OS
Also i have shared the file with 1 team member… cannot access…
What am I doing wrong?

Try uploading through the desktop app. (Trimble Connect Destop) The 3D viewer cannot read 2021 files, yet but TC desktop on Windows can convert them.

  1. Upload skp file in TCWindows (locally)
  2. After assimilation —> upload to server
  3. The file will automatically try to be converted from the backend at this point - which is where you might be having issues
  4. Manually convert the SKP file again in TC Windows
  5. Reupload to the server.

Or just downsave the file to 2020 (!)

Yes, I went back to the file and saved it as a 2020 skp. I wish I thought about it earlier.ANyhow
The desktop viewer also gives me a message.I have used the app within sketchup and I managed to open the file, and share it with a friend who was helping me testing the Trimble.
there is always something new to learn,yey!
I noticed that the file looks a bit different: something to do with details and groups that I have to check out and improve for sure!

MAny thanks for your help!Much appreciated:)
Enjoy the weekend:)

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Yeah they release an update nearly every month, the new fileformat in SketchUp 2021 is causing some delay, I suppose…

curious about the January release…