Help! "Failed to open document" issue ;(

Hi, I have faced the issue that my file is failed to open while I try to open it… Can someone send help? Attached is the file link… Dropbox - Jocelyn & Roy_3D_20220729.skp - Simplify your life

@DaveR @colin If you see this pls help me;(
Thankyou so much!

It opened for me. Working on it right now. It’s pretty obese.

Fixed incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 7_31_2022 , 10_04_54 PM

Is the gray blanket thing supposed to be floating?

More shortly.

Ohmygod, Thankyou so much!
How should i untagged all of it?

The gray blanket shouldn’t be floating but I think it’s my mistake to scale it accidentally.
Thankyou so much Dave!

Truthfully, the geometry shouldn’t have been tagged in the first place. I used a plugin from SketchUcation called Default Tag Geometry to go through the model and repair it.

Currently I’m purging the file pf unused stuff. It’s taking a very long time which implies there’s an awful lot of unused stuff in your file. After the purging is completed I’ll try uploading the file back to DropBox for you.

I see. I didn’t notice I have so many unuse files and forgot to purge every time before I save and close the file.
I will gracefully wait for it.
Thanks again!

I suspect hoarding tendencies. :smiley:
Screenshot - 7_31_2022 , 10_16_37 PM
This reduced the file size by about 43% although it’s still a huge file. Lots of excessive and unneeded detail.I also reduced the size of some of the oversized textures.

You’ll want to deal with the reversed faces on objects like the drapes and windows especially if you plan to do any rendering. Many renderers won’t handle backfaces even if they have materials applied to them.

I left the model in the monochrome face style and with Profiles turned off. That should give your computer a better chance of handling the file. I think you would be wise to go through the model and strip down the excessively detailed components. As an example, does the mounting plate, ground screw, or the nut on the top of the central post, and even the locking collars and set screws on the post add anything important to the model?

There are plenty more of that sort of thing in your model that could probably be deleted without hurting a thing. I’ll leave you to make those decisions, though.

Here’s the link:

I hope your computer can handle this version.

I’m trying it now.
My computer can finally open it!
But yes, all I need to do now is to delete all unnecessary details.

Thankyou so much!!!

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You’re welcome and good luck…

Think carefully about the details in the entourage you add to your models. Be sure the detail adds useful information to the story you are trying to tell. Here’s another example. There is a ton of geometry in the tap handle as well as the sink and the stopper in the bottom of the sink. Will the client even see the stopper in the model? Maybe it’s not needed there. The sink in the kitchen doesn’t even appear to have drains let alone stoppers. Maybe this sink in the laundry doesn’t need so much detail.

Does the detail on the sides of the washer and dryer add important information? If not, it’s just a liability. Those details aren’t modeled to accurately represent the real things.