Failed to open file

hi! im having trouble opening my file all of a sudden. can someone help me retrieve thi? thank you!

792 MB. Eep. :no_mouth:

It has opened for me although very sluggishly. I’ll clean it up and see if I can make it perform well enough that you can open it.


Here’s what I found.

Incorrect tag usage. Untagged should always be left active.
Screenshot - 9_6_2023 , 11_00_34 AM
All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 9_6_2023 , 11_01_52 AM
You are hoarding a lot of unused components and materials.
Screenshot - 9_6_2023 , 11_04_56 AM
There’s a lot of exposed back faces that should be corrected.

There are a large number of excessively large textures, mostly from the entourage you added from the 3D Warehouse.

The cleanup reduced the file size by almost 48% but it’s still huge and needs some further reduction. Note: I did not remove any materials from the model. I only set the Face Style to Monochrome so the materials aren’t displayed. This should make it easier for your graphics card to handle it and allow you to see the faces that need to be reversed so you can fix them. Hopefully you can manage it now, though. Here’s the link:

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i was able to open it. thank you so much!

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