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Could anyone please help me.
I need to create the Neom logo in 3D for an client who is proposing to clad a temporary building to look this the logo in a mash cladding from top view.

I’ve tried to create the curves then extrude a rectangle to try and create the shape, however this method doesn’t give a twist within the ribbon.
Does anyone have any ideas the best way to achieve this logo, or a plug in that could help me.

Many thanks in advance. Please find logo and 1st attempt!


Create a single path and then use the follow me tool.

It looks like 5 equal segments, if you can get hold of the original logo in vector from the client, take out one segment and import it into SketchUp.

You will have to guesstimate the height yourself but I would say that each segment is not more than half as high as it’s width judging by the shadows.

Create the paths from that segment, duplicate and paste in place another 4 times and rotate from a centre point to make the shape. Some segments you will also flip along Blue axis.

There may be a plugin to help that somebody who knows more can advise on, but that’s how I would do it if I was given the same task.

I have just freehanded this, however I have not taken into account the height.

You would need to figure out how high you want it and then either pull all the surfaces in towards the centre for each segment so the whole unit sits flat like a donut but each segment flows ‘underneath’ the next, or stack it really small with a supporting structure internally.

Hope that makes sense, sorry for the crude drawings, in the middle of my own non-3D freelance deadline! I did not join up the paths in this example, ideally you need to measure it beforehand to make sure it all lines up otherwise it will be as wonky as mine.

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Thank you for all your help.

I am really struggling creating the single path with the right curves.
Is there any chance you could send your mock file?

Thanks Hannah

Sorry I did not save it, I just drew it freehand while I was eating dinner last night. It would not have done you much good as the segments did not fit together at all, it was just a visual aid. You will have to be spot on in your measurements for the real version.

Do you have access to Adobe Illustrator? The easiest way I can think of is:

  1. Draw out the logo in vector (to measure)

  2. Isolate 1/5 th segment

  3. Import as geometry into SketchUp

  4. Create a path and fill for that segment.

  5. Paste in place four times and rotate around the centre point.

  6. Extrude and intersect all segments.

  7. Delete faces leaving the path.

  8. Use follow me along the now continuous path.

it will probably take a few times to get right, it will be tricky to line up the segments but not impossible. The only alternative is a plugin I don’t know about that could possibly help, perhaps one you can enter some sort of formula in.

Edit: There are also multiple ways that this can be created in 3D since this is a bit of a 2D optical illusion. However you do it you will only get the illusion from looking dead on, for the structure itself, as far as I can work out, you can build it as:

  • A tower like structure, each segment one on top of each other, similar to what I made first last night.

-Or a flat donut like structure, but you will then need to curve each of the segments over and under each other.

Does the client know that it’s not a ‘real’ 3D shape, I would warn them first before you spend a long time on it, however depending on the client they may need to ‘see’ it to understand, good luck anyway!

I think it more of a mobius ribbon…



We have a winner! I knew I was probably going way too far ha.

Ed: thats what I wanted to explain but all I could think to say was 'Make a donut and pull the sides down :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much. Is this a plug in? Never used it before?

is there anyway you can demo how you created this shape john please?

have a look at the ten components I used…

I hand made it all by eye starting with two ‘pie’ arcs…

mobius_ish.skp (169.9 KB)


yes i see what you mean now. Thank you very much

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