Help! - component options entry fields don't show in proper DC model after saving and reopening file

After saving a properly functioning DC model in its own separate file (not embedded in another file) it will not show component options entry fields in the component options window, when opening it again. Message shown; “No component selected” “Select one or more components to view their options” But the proper component is selected !
Can anybody point me towards a/the solution ?
Thanks in advance

ps raam +window :slight_smile:

dc raam.skp (52.9 KB)

This is what I see when I open the model you posted and select the component that is inside:

Try importing this: I right-clicked on the component inside and used the “Save As” command in the context menu. That should save it without an extra wrapper.
frame.skp (41.0 KB)

Thanks for your reply. Doesn’t seem to do the trick.
After a lot of clicking I have reached the following conclusion.
When re-opening SU and opening a DC file I first have to select the component and then open the Attributes and Options window in order to see the entry fields and their proper content.
When I continue in this order I can open new DC files and see the entries.

When I first open the A&O windows and then select the component, the options field will not load and this can not be corrected anymore by altering the sequence or start with another file (in the wright sequence) I have to restart SU and then do it as described above.

working on macbook pro 2018 Os 12.2.1

Does this makes sence
Can it be confirmed and preferably fixed

Thanks, Jan

This is a function of saving the file using the Save command versus right clicking the component and choosing the Save function from the content to menu.

Likewise, you need to import rather than open, as stated.

Thanks for responding Aron, if I understand correctly I have to

  • right click on the selected DC (when it is properly working)
  • save as (DC is then saved deep in SU application component file)

For opening I have to:

  • open empty SU template ?
  • import my DC from this deep SU application component file
  • and all should be fine :slight_smile:

It is, but only when I keep to the sequence mentioned earlier

  • first select the DC
  • then opening the A&O windows

The other way around I get no entries in O window and I can not restore the proper links
and I have to restart SU again. (bug?)

(Pls confirm, or perhaps direct me to proper manual or tutorial)

Ps, very much like your videos. thanks for all the teaching


How do you open the dialogs?
It might be different when you rightclick on a component and choose ‘Dynamic Components > Attributes.
Don’t use the icons.

When that is the only way to open the dialogs it is a proper workflow.
works for me

Icons should then not be presented in ‘customize toolbar’ options
wrong sequence when using icons can apparently trigger a bug

thanks for the help, time to go to bed in EU