Dynamics component Error window

I had create DC and save the DC and sketch up document. after re-open the DC is having problem is component option showing pop up window massage from web page “” No entry data return". please any one can help to advise.Thanks

does the file name start with a “u”, a known bug. change the file name to start with any other letter
otherwise can you upload the file?

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components file.skp (187.1 KB)

I have no problem with file or formula.
try using the one you uploaded

Or a folder name in the file’s folder path…

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I can create the DC at new document only. after saving the file and next day open the same file is can’t use anymore create DC and Dynamic object. Kindly please advice how to solve the issue. Thanks for every one

To create a component file:
Select the component, then right click context menu then use saveas to create a component file in a folder of your choice, Or drag and drop from home component browser to the selected folder browser. Then you have a component file that can be dropped into a new file.

You do not open this file to edit, but rather place an instance into a new file, then edit, then saveas or use the browsers to overwrite the saved definition.

Could it be that you are opening a component file?

Thank you Sir. Now issue is solved.I saved the document entire file path to avoid " u or “U” with folder or file name.