Dynamic Component extension breaks down

The Dynamic components extension has started misbehaving. When the Options dialog is open and I select anything, whether it is supposed to have dynamic properties or not, I get first an error “No entity data returned” and after OK-ing that this error message .
Part of my model consists of DCs I exploded down to raw geometry and then grouped. I wonder if the DC data is floating somewhere even if I have purged the model.
I tried copying everything to a new empty model. I managed to insert a couple of new DCs successfully but then the error returned.

If you don’t need DCs you could try to disable the extension in the Extension Manager and restart SketchUp.

Well, as it goes, I need DCs. There is definitely something weird going on. Using scale grips works as expected, only the options dialog doesn’t work.

I got help solving this. This is the weirdest DC bug that I have met: The Options and Attributes dialogs break down if your model filename starts with a lowercase u. I would never have guessed.

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I think a \u anywhere in the path will cause the problem. There are some reference on this forum from 2016 but here’s an official confirmation:

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Dynamic components work in mysterious ways…

Or don’t. I am somewhat addicted to them. It all started with Dynamic Blocks in AutoCad. They too are somewhat quirky but I still find them useful.