Dynamic Components Bug SU Pro 21.1.299 64bit

I downloaded the SU training file for dynamic components (DCExamples) and it throws an error when I try to view attributes or options.
I select the Dynamic Component then right click and choose Dynamic component options,
1st pop up: no entity data returned
2nd pop up: ERROR: Callback function error: Unable to get property ‘length’ of undefined or null reference @ /dcbridge.js[601]

I did start a new file and was able to make a new dynamic component and get some attributes defined and tested. But when I try the downloaded training file with a scalable picket fence, it will not allow viewing options or attributes, and this error happens. Now the file I made has the same error message.
I’m fresh into Pro version, been using make since 2014 and loved it, excited about getting to use dynamic components, a little disappointed.
I have uninstalled all extensions and reset workspace but to no avail.
I have searched the topic but the solutions presented do not seem to work for my situation.
Sorry for the trouble, and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

What is the exact name of the file? Even better, can you go to the file in File Explorer, and show what the full path to the file is?

I just created a new file. and attributes worked.
Got a component to hide or show when interactive clicked and an options menu to show or hide.
I saved and closed SU, then reopened same file: attributes and options throw same error, but interactive click functions…


Is the user really named ‘user’? If it is, that would explain the problem. There is an issue when reading file paths where \u is taken as meaning that the next characters are unicode. If the user name is something different, what is the name of the component?

I don’t think that \d means anything, but you could try DCTest.skp as the name.

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My goodness Colin. You are a wizard. I never would have guessed a folder name as user would cause such trouble.
I made a new folder in the root of c as SU and moved all my models there.
I opened up the test model and now the attributes and options are working.
Many thanks my new best friend.
5 stars

So you know, it is a SketchUp bug that is logged. It isn’t a general problem for Windows apps. I keep trying to get someone to be interested in fixing the issue, but as it has such an easy work around it isn’t taken to be a serious as the other things that need fixing.

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A little wisdom goes a long way. Im new to the Pro version and I’m glad I have support like you Colin. Great job and thanks for the speedy recovery.
Thank you kindly.

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