DC dialog fails when file has first part of the name as "Updated" or "Update"

ok, so here’s a different one: when you create a component (in my example, just a simple cylinder), and open the DC attribute editor, all good. then you save the file “cylinder updated.skp”. ok still good. then save the same file as “updated cylinder.skp”, and when you try to view via DC editor it fails and you get a couple of dialog boxes about no data and some scripting bits fail.

i noticed this a few weeks back but assumed it was something i did with the DC - a reasonably complex one and i saved it as “updated door” etc. and when i went to open it the next day, if failed. so i copied it and pasted into a new (yet unsaved) file and continued editing. then saved as “another updated door” etc. next - ok. another week, and i’m updating another component, same issue when i saved it “updated blah blah”. repeat, copied to a new file and saved as “yet another blah blah” - no problems. then on Tues i save a file as “updated blah” and same issue, resaved as “blah updated”, no issue… so after a few more experiments including the simple cylinder one, i think we have a bug where the “update” as the first part of the file name is causing the DC component functionality to misbehave.

attached are the screenshots and simple cylinder files. maybe someone can check to see if this is happening on their system. 2 changes to mine - updated SU 2 weeks ago? and installed SU Podium (but problem existed before that).

updated cylinder.skp (166.5 KB)
cylinder updated.skp (166.5 KB)

couple more bits of info:
2022-04-14 (7)

This was reported many years ago, and still has not been fixed. The problem is caused by the path to the file having a name that starts with a lowercase u. In the path you then get \u, which indicates the start of a unicode value, and the dynamic component string code doesn’t cope with that.

You can solve the problem in the way you did, or use uppercase U. ‘Updated Cylinder’ would work.

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