Having trouble depicting a thru-hole on a delta shaped surface


I am trying to portray a thru-hole on a delta shaped rod and am not very savy with the program yet. The base of the delta shape is flat so I create a circle and push it up to the top, but obviously it is going to hit the top of the delta ceiling which is curved and not be able to break through. Any help would be appreciated


Select all of the geometry, right click on it and choose Intersect Faces>With Selected. Then erase the part of the hole that protrudes as well as the edges that cross the hole.


Perfect! Thanks. Is there a way to have the inside appear solid? After doing this, this inside appears hollow. The actual part has a hole drilled through a solid piece of plastic


If all of the geometry was in the same context you would have left behind the part of the cylinder that isn’t protruding.

Did you group the cylinder or something?

Upload the SKP file so I can look at it.


Sketchup.skp (296.2 KB)


Try this:

Don’t be so stingy with the geometry. Notice how I extruded the hole well beyond the top surface. That makes it easier to erase the unneeded part.


This is beyond helpful! Thanks so much Dave!


On another topic, we are interested in offering 3D video’s like the one you just sent me on our website and/ or offering customers an interactive orbit view of our products. Do you know of any plugins or extensions that work with wordpress based sites to accomplish this?


I made the animated GIF with LICEcap but there are other options. As for the user interactive thing, I’m not sure what is best.


How about SketchFab (www.sketchfab.com)? There’s even a plugin that allows you to upload your model directly from sketchup. There might be other services that are similar.