Having problems with getting scenes from SU showing the same in Layout as they do in SU


I am having a problem with scenes from SketchUp showing in Layout as they do in SU. Specifically, I create a scene in SU, an exterior elevation of a building. It shows the view of the exterior of the building. Just the exterior facing the camera because all the interior and the far side are hidden behind the faces facing the camera. Looks great. When I go to that scene in Layout, it shows up as xray. All the interior components and walls and the exterior on the far side and everything inbetween. I could go through and hide all the independent components (a real pain) and I could separate the interior walls from the exterior walls and hide them (either by hiding their components or by putting them on a hidden layer) but there’s still the far exterior wall and various parts of the side walls.

With an isometric or perspective, it’s worse.

Now, I know what I want, for the SU scene to show in Layout just the way it shows in SU is possible, I see examples of it all over the place. But not in my Layouts. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, what switch I have flipped that I shouldn’t have or didn’t flip that I should have. Or something.

I have made sure the styles are the same in both SU and Layout. And Xray is off. At least I think so.

Please help.


Did you updated your scenes in SU before you referenced the model in Layout? Is your reference up to date?


This is usually caused by poor OpenGL support in your graphics card driver. Try updating the driver. Also make sure that you are running the latest maintenance release of SketchUp/LayOut.



Yes, on both accounts.


I had updated the nVidia drivers to the most current release, about a week or two ago. Don’t actually know how good the OpenGL support in nVidia drivers is, but I’m assuming it’s pretty good. Sketchup said I am running the most current release. I went through all my drivers for everything and updated them all to the most current versions. Voila`, not it works. I haven’t the foggiest idea of what. I note the nVidia drivers are the same release and date as before.

So, well, um, thanks for whatever happened. Just wish I new what made the change. I did read in some forum or another the Intel drivers might affect things, as there is Intel Integrated Graphics in the machine but I have the machine set to use the nVidia GPU for everything, and specifically Sketchup.

Anyway, it appears to be working.