Having difficulty creating faces using freehand tool on sloped surfaces


I am having trouble creating faces with the freehand tool, it is on a sloped face it seems to create them at the left side in some instances but not all and I even used the eneroth face creator plug in but didn’t change anything.

I’m just learning sketchup so don’t really understand how it works and things like “three coplanar edges need to be joined” etc.

Any help would be appreciated!

Landscape Model Trial Element.skp (255.5 KB)

A simple option would be to draw a flat horizontal face above your sloped surface and draw your freehand shapes on that. Then use Push/Pull to extrude them through the surface followed by Intersect Faces.

Another option would be an extension called Tools on Surface which will draw on non-flat surfaces but I would recommend the native option first.

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Amazing, that worked, thanks!