Freehand tool difficulty with closing faces

I’m experimenting with freehand tool + drawing tablet to create panel relief effects on resulting surfaces with offset+push/pull. I can’t import as vector in Free, obviously, and anyway I’m very content with how Sketchup smooths edges, kudos to the crew there.

Except, some of my apparently closed faces aren’t closed. And, just as disruptively, it’s very difficult to redraw these faces and achieve closed-ness since 1) erasing and redrawing edges seems to lead to closed-ness fails even more often and 2) creating a duplicate for reference is super useless since freehand wants to snap to the existing edges.

If anyone could offer insights:

-Cause of the indicated face not being closed? Endpoints being a millionth of a mm apart?

-Ideas for best practices for avoiding closed-ness fails or fixing them without breaking things even worse?

fh test.skp (150.1 KB)


Well, the example space closed when I redrew the inside half of the bisected edge. That gives me a bit of a clue how to achieve my desired workflow here, I’ll have to go back to my more complex experiment and see if the fix helps…

You can often use Intersect faces with selection to help force faces faces to close.
Intersect selection

I’d recommend you turn off length snapping in Model Info/Units.

Ah - that sounds promising, I will try now.

Also, because the freehand tool is a 3D drawing tool, it requires care to keep all the edges you draw on the same plane. A face will not form unless all the edges in its perimeter are in the same plane.

right, but I’m inferring from the scale tool boxes that my edges are (hopefully) uniplaner in the app’s eyes.

(I can’t use the flatten extension to make super-sure. I did do an experiment with putting the group into a 3d box and flattening it by scaling to .01 twice to get rid of the 3rd axis.)

This makes freehand tool much much more stable, thanks! Redrawing experiment 1 from png export-import now, works beautifully.

Don’t ignore the two point arc tool when you are doing tracings, you can get some very smooth and accurate linework with it.

Right - It’s only a tracing now that I’m recreating it; what I’m trying today and thanks to no more length-snapping pretty close to getting to work, is drawing true freehand into the app and making reliefs from there.

ty again

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