Face won't generate

im creating design that has planters in that are in a curved shape. im trying to raise them like in the image on the right but the other shapes won’t generate a face. i have tried welding the lines and look for gaps. when clicking on the spaces the lines are connected. they are very specific to a design that I have mad in a model.

Generally if faces won’t form when you close loops of edges, the edges aren’t coplanar. Maybe you can share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got and help you identify the exact problem.

It’s a good general tip to model the 2D shapes on an existing surface first before extruding. That makes it easier to keep things coplanar.

There are also extensions that will take non-coplanar geometry and flatten it.

Planters .skp (300.1 KB)

Note the Z-values. They should all be the same but they aren’t. The edges are not coplanar.

As Simon suggested, if you start by drawing a large rectangle and then outline your planters on it making sure your edges stay on plane, you won’t have any problems.

I fixed your curves for you by flattening them.
Planters .skp (563.7 KB)

Thank you both for your help. Dunno if you can tell how new I am to Sketch up

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