Cannot create face with freehand tool

Hi all,

When I am creating some boulders on a slope, the surface did not appear when I draw them out with the freehand tool.

I think those lines have been closed, as I can create soap skin bubble and also create surface using sandbox tool.

But it is strange since I am following on tutorial on landscape exercises, it can immediately create surfaces after drawing with freehand tools.

Does anyone know what happened? Thanks!

sketch up May2

Create a face first and then draw on it.

What mihai.s showed should help all versions of SketchUp, but with 2021, and 2022, there have been more improvements with Freehand, including some that make closing of faces be more successful.

If you add your file we can probably show you why the faces aren’t forming.

another interpretation is that your free hand drawing isn’t on a plane