Hardware Acceleration on Radeon 5100 GPU

Everytime a student opens Layout, they get a warning that hardware acceleration is unsupported. We have windows 10 fully updated and as far as device manager says, the Radeon 5100 has the most recent drivers. I have tried changing defaults from the windows default to this, and back and neither work. I tried this video

And this also did not work, and in fact while layout could open, sketchup was then unable to open, I had to reimage the PC in order to stop whatever changes it had made. Is there an actual problem with the GPU? Or is there a web version of Layout that can be used to avoid this problem?

If you have any : Disconnect any docks or 2nd screens before you start SketchUp

I don’t have any. I’ve even tried running this from a completely fresh image, which includes fresh installs of everything, and doesn’t work. I’ve updated everything I can, and it still wont open. There are no periphials attached and Layout still wont open

When SketchUp and LayOut were installed did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

Is that what Windows tells you are did you check with the GPU maker’s site?

Any other display devices showing at all in device manager?

Can you run a dxdiag and post the report here?.

Are you running on a VDE or VDI?

Don’t trust the Windows device manager. It might have installed a generic Microsoft driver that doesn’t support OpenGL. Go get the latest Radeon driver from AMD directly. And check in the AMD control panel 3D application settings that SketchUp is set to use the AMD card.

According to AMD, if your card is the Radeon Pro WX 5100, the latest is version 21.Q4, released 12/3/2021

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The AMD control panel (which i just downloaded) says 11/26) after I ran the updates

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