Hardware acceleration error

I’m trying to use Sketchup Pro on my PC, but it always closed unexpectedly. Sometimes, when i try to open the program, appears the follow message:

"the following errors were encountered when opening sketchup:

hardware acceleration is not supported or has been disabled on your graphics card.

Unfortunately these errors will prevent sketchup from running."

I don’t know what to do. I already have updated my graphis to the latest version (NIVIDIA Ge Force MX 150).

I noted that the error appear after I updated to Windows 11.

Please, If someone can help me, i will be so grateful.

Very likely the update to Windows 11 resulted in defaulting to the integrated graphics adaptor. Try right clicking in an empty part of the desktop and opening the Nvidia Control Panel. Make sure SketchUp is included in the Program Settings. It should look something like this:

also make sure SketchUp is installed correctly. That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that or you don’t know, repair the installation. Right click on the downloaded installer, choose Run as administrator, choose the Repair option.

After you’ve done all that, do a power off reboot of your computer and try opening SketchUp. Any improvement?

Tangent: This might not be the best advice! Windows 10 and 11 have a “feature” where, when you shut down the computer, some of the settings and memory are “saved” in order to generate a faster startup. Doing a “Restart” is the only thing that causes the system to reload itself completely from scratch (unless you disable the fast start “feature” - it’s buried somewhere in the system settings.)


I already opened the Nvidia Control Panel and SketchUp had always been included in the Program Settings… I have done all the things you describe, and nothing…

Anyway, thank you for your help!

I have not yet gone for Windows 11. On my ultrabook with MX250 graphics SketchUp runs without errors.
Laptop or desktop computer? Are you using an external monitor? Through a “dock”?
Have you downloaded and installed the latest driver from Nvidia?