Hardware acceleration disabled only when using Displaylink - Windows 10


Hi Guys

We use multiple screens using a Toshiba displaylink adaptor This seems to disable Hardware acceleration in the native laptop graphics card. Ergo Sketchup 2017 does not work.

It works fine on the laptop if it is not connected to the screens see link below.


Any solution would be helpful as we were going to upgrade 2 Make to Pro 17 with the new mapping facility but this is a dealbreaker.

Any suggestions or what other display adaptors work with multiple screens that do not disable hardware acceleration?

Luke Hardy


I think that the answer you got from the DisplayLink forum was rather clear: OpenGL doesn’t work over their adaptor. Is it an USB dock? I’ll have to check what those HP branded ones we have at work do. It is possible that an USB dock will even ignore your Nvidia card completely and uses only the built-in Intel chip.

I would guess that connecting an external monitor directly would work.



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