Halfpipe shape that will extrude


I’m trying to create essentially a half pipe shape in sketchup but having trouble. I can get an arc and build the shape, but it won’t extrude.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Looks like there’s no face for your edges, pushpull only works for a face…


Thanks Cotty. Ultimately I want to use it for a ramp on a cat tower. Trying to get the basic shape first then I have to cut both ends as it will fit diagonally.


It seems that your response to @Cotty was rather a non-sequitur. Regardless of what you plan to use it for, you need to form a face before you can Push/Pull. To form a face, your outline must be coplanar with no gaps.

You can make it easier to draw a coplanar outline by first drawing a big rectangle and then using that as a drawing surface. On Face inferencing will keep all your points on the face, but you must wait for inferencing feedback (in this case, a blue dot and an On Face tooltip) before clicking the mouse, each and every time you draw a new point. You must use inferencing to locate every single point, every time you draw anything.



Thanks Gully. I appreciate the tip on using the rectangle to get the correct form face to work with. I know these are really basic questions. I plan on watching some tutorial videos on YouTube should help with some of these gaps in my learning curve.