Guideline issue

simple question…

i have been using sketch up online for the last year
recently i encountered a problem with my guidelines

before i could pull a guideline and then type in a value (or measurement)
and then the guideline would set exactly there

now… for some reason i can not get it to set on the typed in value
is there some setting that i can change?

please if you know this setting let me know where i can find it

much appreciated

For me it works as expected under the same conditions.
Post a file in which you encounter this issue.

il vigno bed.skp (134.8 KB)

it not only happens in this files but all my other files as well…

thanks for looking into this…

This implies a change on your end. Looking at your file I see you have Length Snapping enabled and a strange snap interval set.
Screenshot - 5_27_2024 , 11_54_46 AM

Perhaps turning off Length Snapping in Model Info would help.

Also make sure you aren’t clicking in the Measurements window before typing the distance value. There’s never a time when you should click in the Measurements window.

Are you modeling this to create a plan or just to populate a bedroom design?


turned off length snapping and it made no difference…
the issue for the guidelines is the same for the push pull function of objects
can’t get it to stay where i indicate the distance … when i do i press enter and nothing happens
very frustrating as i know how it is supposed to work and have used it for years correctly

not creating a plan just using sketch up as an auxiliary tool for my furniture and product design…

Describe the exact steps you follow when placing a guideline or when pushing a face with Push/Pull.

Furniture and product design business?

i click on the guideline tool
then i pull out a guideline and lock it onto a perpendicular line
just near the guideline icon is a little white rectangular window which shows the distance
lets just say it says 5cm then i type in 15cm which shows in the "distance window at the right bottom of the window and press enter
and it just stays at 5 cm … same procedure for the push and pull and nothing happens

btw no furniture or product design business as such
always designing and making things for my personal residential projects
next is a sauna … but without this feature working ok i can’t do anything

Something is missing in your steps or there’s an issue with the keyboard. Here’s what I see.



You might try clearing your browser’s web cache.

i like your persistence of staying onto this issue
will check the browser and make a similar video…

Ensure that you’re entering the value correctly after pulling the guideline. Sometimes, a small typo can prevent the guideline from snapping to the intended position.

Did you inadvertently changed your units from cm to another unit like m, mm, in, ft ?