Grouping/Ungrouping Objects

In a Layout Tutorial, it mentions after grouping an object, that you can ungroup it by right clicking and selecting “ungroup”. I notice in Sketchup its not the same process. How do you ungroup an object after grouping it if you needed to

If I haven’t got SketchUp open in front of me sometimes I can’t remember.

It’s explode to “ungroup”.


what is an “option key”

trying to create copies of an image

Equivalent of Alt key in Windows I believe

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yep. option is the name of the alt key on a mac.

The move tool and Alt (if this is the option key) do not create copies on Windows

Ctrl on Windows is the equivalent of Option on Mac.

Look at the bottom left of the model window for the modifier keys and what they activate with whatever tool you have selected.

ah yes, sorry, there is a confusion here.

alt on pc is option on mac. on a keyboard.

but in this case, you’ll have to use ctrl. go figure. the shortcuts between mac and pc are not a literal translation from one keyboard to the other

the soundest of advices. take the time to read the visual clues and tips displayer in SU :wink:

Layout Essentials- Rotating, Scaling, and Arranging Objects: Rotation Option- creating multiple copies of a square while moving. Im trying to follow the instruction to create copies while rotating a square. When rotating, i am clicking and draging to a position but it wont make copies when i click x and a number

Says Invalid String…

I notice in this video, there is a “Start Presentation” button on the top right of their page. They are using a Mac in the Video Tutorial Video. Where can I find “Start Presentation” on a PC?

Screenshot - 7_1_2024 , 5_43_41 PM

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