Grouping and volume calculation in Ipad

Since I moved from desktop to Ipad version, I struggle continuesly to get volumes when I group. In the desktop version the Solid inspector plugin does the job perfectly, but I understood there is no such alternative in the ipad version.

Anybody knows a workaround to this issue?

Thanks you in advance

The main workaround would be to make your geometry efficiently with an eye on making it a solid.
Relying on Solid inspector can make you a touch lazy or sort of take away the experience involved with understanding what make a solid.
If you gave us an example of something that is not a solid we may be able to show you some of the things to look for.


Thank you Box! But not sure thats the point though. We may as well lay down our calculators and use pen and paper because it makes us a touch lazy… or use pen and paper instead of sketchup…
The solid inspector is a perfect solution which does the job and save time, not to mention its used by almost anybody i know.

The point is why is it not a standard function in Sketchup? Or why is there no efficient workaround that saves time?

I’m sorry, I rarely use solid inspector, I must be doing things wrong.

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The most efficient workaround is to model things “solid” from the start, for instance by using solid “building blocks” and solid tools.

I am not on Ipad. I am learning that solid inspector is not perfect. It is more reliable to check with entity info on whether your group or component is solid. Sometimes inspector says you are solid but entity info doesn’t. Entity Info trumps solid inspector. I found out that if you make a solid and use the label tool, it gives the volume, too.

There are special cases that solid inspector or entity info may get wrong (not necessarily the same ones). Typically they involve multi-edge corners or tiny holes.

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I have some kind of knack for making multi-edge corners and tiny holes, and therefore, am guilty of using both entity info and inspector as a crutch.