Incapable of finding volume on iPad

I can’t get the volume for the attached component that is called “volume”. I’m very far from home/computer and not having success on the iPad. Can someone please let me know what this issue is? Even just tell me the volume? I’ve spent hours and am ready to throw the thing.
13 2900 Rawson.skp (95.1 KB)

It’s not a solid component so there won’t be a volume.

Once you delete the stray edge, a volume should show in Entity Info.

This is shown in the desktop version because I’m not at my iPad.

Thank you so so much. iPad version is a tough curve and being so far out means I can’t solve. You’re my favourite thank you.

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If you can’t get it on iPad SketchUp, you could try opening the URL in Safari or Chrome on iPad and check if it’s a solid:


To support Dave’s solution above with iPad specific screenshots for future people finding this post.

There was a super tiny overhang on one of the lines keeping it from being a solid shape, this is VERY zoomed in

Then by fixing it you got the solid shape and just like dave explains, the volume will be in the entity info pop-out

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I had never considered this… this might be genius.

Is that Solid Inspector a SketchUp Extension? Seems like a good one to get!

yes it is, and it’s also included in the web version of SU.
that’s why Barry is saying you could technically open your file in safari and use it there if needed. the rest of the webapp is not as ipad-ready as the app, but hey, the tool is there.

but just in case, as the title of the thread was quite vague in my opinion, if you’re looking for volume on iPad, it’s either in the control centre, or using the two buttons on the side of your ipad.