Graphics Performance Issue



I just purchase a new PC Dell Alien R6. It is currently using the lower Intel HD graphics card instead of the powerful Nvidia Titan X within this PC. I couldn’t find a setting to change the graphics card selected.Can anyone help me? The application keeps stopping and I cannot work…


You’ll need to use the Nvidia Control Panel to specify that SketchUp uses the Nvidia card.

Here’s a link to the Control Panel quick start guide:


You can also disable the onboard (CPU based) graphics solution and / or set the nVidia dedicated graphics solution as primary.


thank you so much, Mike!


Thank you Julian, much appreciated!


Yes you can, but you will lose a lot of battery life if you use your laptop untethered to browse the web, write e-mails, or other things that don’t require an ultracool whizbang 3D graphics card. So it is generally better to use the GPU control panel to define what application uses it.


Except the Dell Alien R6 is a desktop machine. Apart from that, to my knowledge, GPU utilization also scales depending on the workload.


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