Graphics in SketchUp style preview window and layout problem



I recently upgraded to Sketchup Pro 2017 from Sketchup make 2015.
In the styles preview window and when a drawing is sent to layup it appears in strange blocky colors.
The style preview window in Sketchup 2015 was an accurate reflection of the style.


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Intel Graphics Family

If this is still your graphics driver version, it definitely needs to be updated to version 4061 or higher.
(Get the latest available, checking with your computer OEM first, Intel second.)

I cannot point you to a specific page without knowing what the Intel adapter model is, or you computer make & model.


Thanks Dan,
I have to work through our IT department, so it may take a little time. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Hi Dan,

I got more information on my graphics card thanks to your link. I observed our IT dept. trying to upgrade my driver – I believe it was to version 15….,
But they got an message that my PC did not have the resources to use that driver. Can you recommend one I can ask them to try.

Graphics Adaptor Specifications


It’s the last 4 numbers that have meaning. The others are family / generation / model numbers, etc.

I’ll need to know the exact Intel graphics model number or the i5 CPU number (then I can look it up on the Intel site.)

Also it’d help to know the computer make and model so we can check their drivers as well.


Hi Dan,
Just wanted to let you know that my IT dept was able to update my driver to:
GL Version 3.1.0 Build
Problem Solved!
Thanks for your help.