Graphics card for 2017


Bug splat with make 2017, happens with any geometry or 2016 SKU file. I suspect my built in Graphics Card. Is there a recommended Card for 2017?


Before you start buying; what card do you have at the moment? did you update its drivers recently? whats the statistics of the file you’re trying to open? (10k edges and faces or zillions?). Maybe there’s a simpler explanation and you can keep the money in your wallet.


What kind of card: built in, so I assume basic simple functions.
Drivers: built in basic box, worked well with SU2016
Statistics: SU2016 file never opens so there are no edges or faces. And new geometry never completes.
Other comments on this forum say “Open GL 3.0 or greater” so I suspect my simple box need to upgrade.


Ah, it won’t open in V2016 either (so view the statistics) ?
Without more technical info about your cpu (and embedded gpu) nobody can really tell whats the problem here.


Misunderstanding, SU 2016 and all of its files work fine. All I am trying to do is keep current. So I loaded SU2017 and ZIP! Any attempt to introduce any geometry or a SU2016 file becomes a BUG SPLAT and SU2017 closes. While I appreciate maxB’s interest in saving me $$, I do value simplicity. Given all the current chatter about Open GL, and all I have is an OLD basic box, a graphics card becomes the primary suspect. All I am asking for is information on a popular card that should see me through the next few versions.


But Bill, we do not know what kind of “box” you have.
Is it a notebook or a desktop form factor ?

If the latter, what kind of available video card slots does the motherboard have ?
If it’s a notebook, does it even have any possible expansion slots ?

Let us start with what you have now.

FYI, see this post for your forum profile 3 system questions:


In that case: get a good dedicated gfx card from Nvidia.If you want to create large models or don’t want to upgrade in the next couple of years; get a gtx1060 / gtx1070. The 1060 is best bang for the buck I think - I use it myself and its great compared to my old gtx560 -although that one was fine most of the time for SketchUp as well…
Because these 10xx cards were introduced just a few months ago - there are also nice discounts on Nvidia’s 900 series cards. A gtx960 could be nice as well although it’s less than half as powerful compared to the 10xx series.
It all depends on your use, complexity of 3dmodels and what else you want to use it for (in the near future).


Sorry for the delayed response but as you probably guessed, I was rapidly getting in over my head with the technology. So I pulled in my son-in-law who installed a GPU Tweak II, v1321 today. 2017 works well. Thanks for your interest and response.


Okay, we now know that your card (and likely system) is Asus branded.

And that is it. We still know nothing else. Your forum profile hardware and OS questions are still blank.

In addition you speak of having installed Asus’ GPU tweaking utility, but not what you had to tweak in order to get SU2017 running.


Dan, thank you for your time and interest in this issue. “Tweak” comes directly off the label followed by Roman Numeral 2 on the CD that accompanied the card. If anything is missing in my profile, let me know.


Does the card look like this? A GTX 10-series card.


Sorry, to me a card is a card and your link does not show a pic of a card. The box it came in says: NVIDIA GETFORCE GT 710 0DB SILENT 2GB


The card which should be listed in your profile is Nvidia GT 710. As Dan indicated. Tweak II is a software utility for the card.


Have you looked at my profile lately? I posted that 2-3 hours ago.