2017 Make new install bug splat - help needed ;-(

Hi all,

Trying desperately to install 2017 Make edition of Sketchup, failing miserably.

I try to install, it prompts for Visual C++ 14 libraries, I accept, all seems well…until I run it.

Every time without fail I get a bugsplat.

I’ve tried extracting the exe and running the MSI, i’ve tried installing re-dist libraries separately, nothing works.

I also cannot successfully run the OpenGL Extension viewer application, that also fails everytime.

System specs:
2 x GTX 660 (2GB of RAM), driving 6 monitors, i’m not running SLI
Win10 Creators update

Any ideas/solutions on how to get it working on my system?
Has anyone got it working on GTX 660’s?


I see a bug splat from last week with your info on it. That crash was in the video driver - nvoglv64. Perhaps another user with that particular video card can chime in with advice about particular driver versions that worked for them.

(crash id 199682)


You didn’t say so I’ll ask. Did you use Run as administrator when you installed SketchUp?


I did run as admin when installing, my account also has admin privileges.

Update graphics driver? Run Checkup?

The checkup program installs fine, runs right up to the end and then crashes before it can give me any useful data.

That’s 3 apps relating to my graphics cards that now crash, im starting to wonder if my GPU’s are not up to the job.

Any recommendations for reasonably priced GPUs that are known to work well with SU2017 and support at least 3 monitors per card?

Have you tried removing one of the cards and just running the 3 monitors for a time?

I suspect they are not. I have a much later GT 960 series in one of my computers, and the latest available drivers for it don’t support OpenGL 3.0 which is the minimum needed for SU 2017.

People generally recommend one of the nVidia 1000 series - 1060, 1070 or 1080. Find one if you can that supports 3 monitors.


Fantastic suggestion, I removed one of the gfx cards everything started working, the checkup app, the OpenGL viewer app, which also reports that my GPUs are 4.4 compliant

I even managed to install and run SU2017 without any incident what so ever.

I did notice there was an SLI connector joining my 2 cards, i’ll try leaving that off when I re-install my other card.

As a cautionary note, I tried updating to the latest GeForce driver, through GeForce experience app, it totally tanked my system, thank god for acronis backup.

Back to square 1

As soon as I put in the 2nd card, SU2017 immediately bug splats on launch.

I didn’t even connect the monitors, just simply re-inserted the card.

It would seem there is an issue with SU and multiple graphics cards of the GTX660 variety.

I’ve been looking at the nvidia 1050ti, does anyone else use multiple 1050ti’s with success?

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@sygad1 You’re using the following graphics cards, correct?



Correct, I am using 2 of those graphic cards

When using 1, everything works
When using both, instant bug splat on launch

Thanks, this is very helpful. I will investigate further.


to offer a little more information

The checkup program and openGL viewer app also crash when both cards are used, they work fine when 1 card is used

FYI, I’m using a GTX 760 on my desktop. It works fine and still has updates available. Check with Nvidia for updates?

@sygad1 Thanks for the update. Would you mind installing SU 2016 and seeing if it crashes when the two GPUs are present? You can download SU 2016 here, and you do not have to uninstall SU 2017 beforehand.



I tried both 2016 & 2015, both install, let me select a template and both fail at the same point, when I try to use the template, I can’t get into the application.

Send error reports for both crashed

Thank you–much appreciated.

If bugslpats don’t ID anything specific, could try a clean boot to rule in or out a third-party program interference. Late last year one fella found a sound control app that was causing his Nvidia driver to fail.

FYI, lynne will try convert you into using Linux.

Interesting turn of events

I restored my entire machine to a fresh install of Windows 10 (1607)

SU2017 is now working, with both GTX660 cards installed.

Im going through the slow process of re-installing every app and checking SU2017 after each installation

I’ll keep you posted