Graphic Issue

I don’t know what type of issue this would be called. Basically I can’t draw circles anymore. All of my curved linework is super janky. I’ve updated my drive, updated sketchup graphic settings, reinstalled the program. Checked all my drives for updates. I’m at a loss to what this issue could be.
Screenshot 2024-01-22 135643

Looks like it could be a graphics card issue. Does this happen on a fresh file or only on the file you show? How did you check that you are using the most up to date graphics drivers, the preferred method is by downloading them from the manufacturers site, don’t trust windows to get them for you.

How far is your model from the origin?
Does it include anything imported from other software?


Potato-shaped curves generally indicate very large model extents. Usual suspects are imported CAD files that use a map coordinate system with an origin thousands of miles/kilometers away. SketchUp is happiest with model extents smaller than, say, a large city block.

You are a long way from the origin - the grid on which you draw is much further apart, including the points that make up the edges of a circle.

I’d hazard a guess probably imported a DWG in paper space and are drawing hundreds or thousands of miles away from the original SketchUp axis.