Drawing a circle or arc warps lines

Hi i’m having a problem when i draw a circle or an arc that intersects with a line or rectangle for instance,
that line warps/bulges, i’m sure it will be some setting but can’t find, thank you.

You must be working at a tiny scale.
Work 10 or 100 times larger and scale down when finished.

Hi thanks I just found someone with the same problem, apparently a thing with 64bit. seems an odd issue but I guess i’ll work on a larger scale.

Thanks for the reply

It’s nothing to do with 64-bit SU installation.

If your model is very small, if edges are 1/16" and less, there can be some issues. Also if your model is very large there can be issues too. Due to some OpenGL limitations, I believe, 3D software developers have to pick a scale range for their modeling programs. It could be anything from angstroms to astronomical units, but they a set size range which works. SU tools are optimized to work on models with edges at 1/16" to several miles.

So for very small models, temporarily scale up 10-1000x, then scale down when done. Alternatively, make a very small model a component. Make a copy of that component and move it off to the side. Scale up the component copy and edit the large copy. This is a method that takes advantage of the component property that any modeling change in one component affects all its copies. Delete the oversized copy when done.