Strange fix drawing arcs and circles very close to other lines

Hi all!
I have this ■■■■ problem. Trying to draw a circle with a radius of 0.5mm, after drawing sketchup “fixes” the neighboring lines throughout the design … What I need to set to get it done well? The accuracy is set 0.000000mm.
ty all

Perhaps you should read this thread to get a feeling for what is happening.

Also you are making a very common but wrong interpretation of SketchUp’s units setting. It affects only the way that values are formatted for display, not the internal precision of calculations. This isn’t exactly obvious or intuitive but it’s what SU has always done.

The distortion of lines near small radii (or larger radii with an excessive number of points) is due to finding the nearest point along the line. In this case, the “wrong” endpoint that it jumps to is determined to be essentially zero distance from the line because it is below the 0.0254mm threshold:

The nearer endpoint replaces the correct one even though the edges of the circles themselves are 0.130526mm long. This has been the case in every version I’ve used.

Most of my work is done in inches and some of the detail is very, very small. I’ve acquired the habit of just starting every model at a scale of 1000:1. Since I usually work in inches, and used to think in terms of thousandths of an inch anyway, I just type 500" (i.e., 500 thousandths) when I mean .5". Of all of the shortcomings of SketchUp (of which there are remarkably few), this is the most annoying one.

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