I don't understand what I am doing wrong

I draw three in line circles 1 inch diameter, 1.6 inches apart center to center. The circles overlap dramatically. There should be 0.6 inches between each circle. I measure the spacing between centers and the diameters. The measurements say my assumptions are correct. I don’t understand what is happening.

Did you enter 1 for the size of the circles? The Circle tool requires a radius input, not a diameter input. when you start the Circle tool pay attention to what it is asking for.

No, I entered 0.5 inch and the measurement tool says 1 diameter.

Upload your .skp file with that.

This is what I get.

I see the animation you sent and that is exactly what I expect. I’m new to SU and I am trying to understand how to attach a file to the reply. Thanks for your help but I will keep trying to accomplish this.

Save the file and then drag and drop the .skp file into a reply in this thread.

I had this happen on 2019 when drawing occasionally. Where they circles ended up a size different than twice the radius. I sometimes had to draw them several times to get the correct size. It didn’t happen often. I never reported it because I was always in the middle of something I needed to complete in a hurry.

Interesting. I’ve never seen that happen before.

And I always type the radius in when drawing several so I don’t end up with weird things happening.

I’d like to see the model, I suspect it is a length snapping and coarse unit settings issue.


It turns out the issue was with my point of view. I created a “construction line” I thought was on the plane I was creating geometry on but it was not. When I rotated the camera view the circles were on a different plane and not snapped to the construction intersection. This distorted what I was viewing. Thank you all for your responses and help. As I expected this was just a newby issue.

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