Circles not drawing smoothly

I recently upgraded to 2022 and now when I draw a small circle the edges are not even close to smooth (I know circles are made up of lines, but I’ve never had a problem like this before). Can anyone help me fix this? Here’s an example of a 1/2" radius circle I tried to draw!

I’ve never seen that before. How big does it have to be to look normal? Guessing it is a graphics issue.

This one is 2-1/2" radius

This one is 1’ radius and still looks wobbly

Can you attach any one of those so we can check it isnt the geomtry itself.

do you mean attach the skp file itself?

Yes. but I have to say more to fill in the needed characters.

I’m going to guess that you are working a long way from the origin.


OMG, that’s totally it! Thank you so much!

For future reference, it is best to add a model when asking a question like this, if you had done so Dave would have told you in the first reply what the issue was.