Got an issue I can't figure out downloading TWILIGHT RENDER

I downloaded Twilight Render 2, then clicked on the file to download. It goes through the normal process of asking me where I want it and what to name the file. As always, I click on whatever they suggest. Now comes the screen that asks me which SU program I want Twilight to associate with and there’s only one box check box and it says SU17… I’m running 2021 Pro

Anybody know a work around? Do I need to uninstall 2017?

What operating system?

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Did you install SketchUp 2021 by right clicking on the downloaded installer and chossing Run as administrator?

I just started the installer for Twilight render 2 and this is the option I get. I started it’s installer by right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator. I also installed it with Sketchup closed which may or may not be important.

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When I download a program, I always allow it download in the default, but I ended up moving 21 at a later time so it’s no longer in it’s default location. When I downloaded Twilight, I know for a fact I let it go default.

But answer this… if I uninstall 17, it wont affect any of my old drawings, right?

What does that mean? It didn’t answer my question about how you installed SketchUp 2021. Did you install Sketchup by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing run as administrator?

What does that mean?

Correct. You can still open those old file in SketchUp 2021.

  1. As far as I know… don’t actually remember being asked that
  2. It means that whatever name and located the installer suggested, I ok’d

The correct way to install SketchUp and other complex programs on Windows 10 is to right click on the installer and choose run as administrator. Failure to do that can result in strange problems because of missing permissions.