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Don’t know if this is possible, seems like a good idea; Select from Google Earth based on zoom [and checked features], then import a model into Sketchup which is imminently workable.

Example [UK left lane driving] - a 70mph dual carriageway with a junction could be safer for traffic crossing oncoming vehicles with a slip road and underpass - this being more easily illustrated with the original Google Earth content exported and remodelled, in particular as the hill this is on lends itself to this solution, but would only be accurately represented from real data…

…where turning right off the A18 on to the B1398 by leaving on a slip road to the left roughly where the truck stop is and going under the A18 prevents crossing the path of traffic typically going up to maximum speed.

Google Earth content (imagery, 3D mesh buildings and landscape) is not licensed to be used outside of Google Earth. Even if it was possible to solve your suggested problem how to technically transfer content from Google Earth into SketchUp, it would be stealing.

If you formulate the problem what you want to achieve, that you want to automatically add real context (buildings, landscape) around a building that you are modelling, there are indeed solutions. You can use for example PlaceMaker, with which you get content that is properly licensed for your use.


The 3D content in Google Earth cannot be exported to any format. What you can do is to geolocate your SketchUp model and export it to the KMZ format. You can then import that into Google Earth to view it together with the Google terrain.

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why not use ‘Add Location’ ?



I get you - essentially the same but for the fact that the source is not Google Earth/Maps - so the assurance of an accurate export of real world terrrain and Sketchup compatibility as described with Placemaker. I had this notion a kmz file or something was the way to go and it was all in place as a complete Google suite [even though it’s now Trimble, why lapse on that account].

This maybe sounds lazy - but I’d be hoping so comprehensive a plugin would recognise a road type and provide a modular set of drag & drop elements to use with it for ease of blending the new with the old…, I’m currently not certain much more than the general slope would be of any use from the exported map and which doesn’t justify getting the product - what I can demonstrate with reasonable accuracy in the free SU only lacks the means of [stretching/matching for] superimposing.

Google lost interest in SketchUp when it found other more accurate and reliable ways to add 3D buildings to Google Earth. The only reason SketchUp had any ability to import data from GE after the sale was that Google granted Trimble a grace period during which to seek some other source of map and terrain data. But, in addition, I don’t think map and terrain data was ever exported from GE in kmz format. SketchUp used to get it via a proprietary Google API. That access is no longer allowed.

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I’m seeing this now - I hadn’t had GE on a pc for ages after it was causing issues on a previous system and I eventually changed everything up and by which time had come to rely more on Maps. Having used the web version, then downloaded and tried the desktop in the past hour or so, I can see nothing that would work in this context, no r/click context or file menu options to that end.
It seems weird on the cusp of 5G/> connectivity and driverless vehicle technology integration that there isn’t something at least capable of getting map cross-sections for closer examination - even if it was just the raised curb of a path to cross into a driveway that you’d rather approach in a certain gear/at a preferred speed/angle, there would be a use for it in improving roads/accessibility - although this eventuality would mean that junction would no longer rely on human judgement, the prospect of crossing traffic approaching at 70mph in AI-controlled vehicles may always make some balk and have to at least avert their eyes - so the absolute safety measure is to remove all possibility oif a collision at that speed.

Thanks anyway.