Importing Google Earth Data. How to?


I’ve been wondering if there is a moethod of exporting the model of urban area X into the SketchUp the way as it is. I would really appreciate a way to have a 3D reference of my measurements and building drafts made using descrptive geometry.

Can you help?


Please provide some more information about what you mean by [quote=“rokedziora, post:1, topic:22086”]
the model of urban area X into the SketchUp the way as it is

What existing model are you hoping to use? What form is it in?

If what you need is to get a terrain surface and an overhead image of the existing area, see Window->Model Info->Geo-location->Add Location. You can import the data for an area from Google Earth using this UI. Note: it includes terrain and image, but not models of structures.

This is not Google Earth, but it may interest you:
Developing Importer for .SHP (or SHX) to SketchUp

You can also import OSM data from

The plugin is here:

Hint: Use large scale factors to avoid tiny geometry (1000x or more).

I am really not sure what format is it in. Isn’t there an option to capture this 3D view?

The image you posted is from Google earth. To capture the same location in SketchUp you use Model Info->Geolocation->Add location. That will open a window showing Google earth. You navigate this window to your desired location and then click the grab button. That will do several things: it will geolocate the origin of your model to the center of the selected area, it will create a Group containing the overhead image you selected, it will create a second Group containing a terrain elevation mesh for the area you selected, it will create Location Snapshot and Location Terrain layers, and it will add a material containing the image to your model. The new groups will initially be locked.

As noted in my earlier response, you will not get models for any of the buildings in the selected area, only the terrain and image.

There are building footprints available for this area at:

There is no height data in the dataset … just the footprints.

I imported 1,467 building footprints for Lodz in the vicinity of your screenshot. Your image is oriented such that North is at about 8 o’clock while the SketchUp model is oriented with North at 12 o’clock. I colored the footprint red that corresponds to the red-roofed building near the center of your image.

lodz.skp (1.8 MB)

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Thank you very much!

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You’re welcome … I also grabbed the OSM (Open Street Map) data for the same area. There’s a lot more information, but it’s not grouped as neatly into separate building outlines. However, it’s easy enough to trace what you might be interested in.

Once again, I highlighted the building with the red roof for reference. Working with Google Street View, you can use the OSM/SHP geometry along with SketchUp’s Photo Match to create a reasonable facsimile in a fairly short time.