Import 3d surrounding from Apple / Google Maps into SketchUp file

Is there a way to import 3d scans data from Google Maps or Apple maps into my Sketchup model?

What I would like to do is to insert my building model into the 3d views of Google Maps to see how it relates to other buildings around it.

You can export your model as 3D Model/.KMZ and open it up in Google Earth.

For importing 3D mesh maps, see also this topic, the same applies to data that is property of Apple and others.

For exporting the model and viewing it on a map, Google Earth (as long as it still exists) has the advantage that it has an API and import functionality so you can view your own data (models) in it.

See also Placemaker for getting context for your model (although it has no aerial-textured buildings). It uses data under free license, a mindset that is probably much in your interest to support. You can contribute your buildings and building footprints using SketchOSM.

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