Upload Google Earth Placemarks

Back in Sketchup 7, I used to be able to upload Google Earth placemarks into my Sketchup layout - it made it easy to select locations to place models within the terrain. Is this not possible anymore or is there a different way to do it?


You can still import a location from a map.

Technically it hasn’t been connected to the Google Earth application for a long time (10 years) and has been using an independent mapping service for 5 years.

But the process is still as easy as always:

  • In SketchUp Pro, open File → Geolocation → Add location
    (Alternatively, if you just have coordinates, you can do Window → Model Info → Geo-location.)

  • In SketchUp for Web (SketchUp Shop, SketchUp for Schools), click the hamburger button () in the top left, then “Add Location”.

See also the FAQ to the changes caused by Google not providing their maps anymore.

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Hi Aerilius,

That’s OK – I can download using the ‘Add location’ no problem.

May question is can I upload a drawn layout, within a mapped location, with specific placemarks, pathways or polygon areas etc?



You cannot upload (except to 3D Warehouse, but that is unrelated), but you can export as .kmz file (containing a COLLADA 3D model) and open it in Google Earth or whatever application you like.

SketchUp’s built-in kmz exporter exports all entities as a 3D model (check also the exporter options button), individual entities will not be mapped to KML entities (like line strings, tracks) that you can edit or toggle visibility with Google Earth. If you want that, you need to try with a KML Tools exporter extension.

It would be helpful if you could explain your workflow a bit more so that we can understand your goals and constraints.

For one thing, your use of the term “upload” is confusing. I suspect you mean to import geometry created in Google Earth into SketchUp, but the term “upload” is most often used to mean “transfer my local file to a remote server”.

Another question is whether it is strictly necessary to create the placemarks etc. in Google Earth. Why not geolocate the SketchUp model and then draw them directly in SketchUp? This is particularly important since SketchUp no longer uses Google data for terrain and maps. I have seen significant differences in the terrain data between GE and SketchUp’s current source, sometimes tens of meters. I’ve also seen smaller differences in latitude and longitude. Your placemarks may import either floating in the air or underground and could be offset from a surface feature you meant to align with!

I have an experimental extension that can import some types of KML placemarks. PM me if you would like to try it for your specific situation.

Sorry about the confused terminology - here is what I’m trying to achieve:

I am placing a series of electricity poles to create a long distance utility supply line. There are around 300 poles of various sizes in the line, but they are mostly single poles and a few goalposts. All the models are made.

Now I need to import each model into the its right location in the Sketchup map. (I’ve created a series of maps). I am currently placing each model individually by eye with a combination of Sketchup map and my Google Earth layout, but it takes a lot time. Using Sketchup version 7, I just need to import the my Google Earth layout - including points, lines and object areas.

Hope this makes some sense!


So you have various KML entities (not 3D model), and you are looking for an importer for KML files (unzipped KMZ files) inot SketchUp.
You can try the KML Tools’ Importer or Steve’s extension.